July 9th Birthdays

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July 9th, 1995 (July 09 1995)BirthGeorgie Henley, English actress
July 9th, 1991 (July 09 1991)BirthSpencer Elden, Baby/Model on Nirvana (band) s Nevermind album
July 9th, 1991 (July 09 1991)BirthMitchel Musso, American actor
July 9th, 1986 (July 09 1986)BirthKiely Williams, American singer and actress
July 9th, 1986 (July 09 1986)BirthDominic Cervi, American footballer
July 9th, 1985 (July 09 1985)BirthPawel Korzeniowski, Polish swimmer
July 9th, 1985 (July 09 1985)BirthAshley Young, English footballer
July 9th, 1984 (July 09 1984)BirthJacob Hoggard, singer of Canadian band Hedley (band)
July 9th, 1983 (July 09 1983)BirthLucia Micarelli, American musician
July 9th, 1982 (July 09 1982)BirthAshly DelGrosso, American ballroom dancer
July 9th, 1982 (July 09 1982)BirthAlecko Eskandarian, Armenian-American footballer
July 9th, 1982 (July 09 1982)BirthMaggie Ma, Canadian actress
July 9th, 1982 (July 09 1982)BirthSakon Yamamoto, Japanese race-car driver
July 9th, 1981 (July 09 1981)BirthKimveer Gill, Canadian spree shooter (Dawson College shooting) (died in 2006)
July 9th, 1979 (July 09 1979)BirthElla Koon, Hong Kong singer and actress
July 9th, 1979 (July 09 1979)BirthSuzanne Stokes American model, (Playmate of the Month February 2000)
July 9th, 1978 (July 09 1978)BirthLinda Park, Korean-born actress
July 9th, 1978 (July 09 1978)BirthMark Medlock, German singer
July 9th, 1977 (July 09 1977)BirthIsaac Brock, American musician
July 9th, 1976 (July 09 1976)BirthFred Savage, American actor
July 9th, 1976 (July 09 1976)BirthJochem Uytdehaage, Dutch speed skater
July 9th, 1975 (July 09 1975)BirthJack White, American musician (The White Stripes}
July 9th, 1975 (July 09 1975)BirthShelton Benjamin, American professional wrestlerBen Elton Quotes
July 9th, 1974 (July 09 1974)BirthNikola Sarcevic, Swedish bassist and singer (Millencolin)
July 9th, 1974 (July 09 1974)BirthSian Berry, British politician
July 9th, 1973 (July 09 1973)BirthKelly Holcomb, American football player
July 9th, 1973 (July 09 1973)BirthEnrique Murciano, American actor
July 9th, 1971 (July 09 1971)BirthMarc Andreessen, American software developer
July 9th, 1971 (July 09 1971)BirthDani Behr, Model & TV Presenter
July 9th, 1970 (July 09 1970)BirthTrent Green, American footballer
July 9th, 1970 (July 09 1970)BirthMasami Tsuda, Japanese manga author
July 9th, 1969 (July 09 1969)BirthJason Kearton, Australian former footballer
July 9th, 1969 (July 09 1969)BirthMark Lui, Hong Kong composer and producer
July 9th, 1968 (July 09 1968)BirthPaolo Di Canio, Italian football player
July 9th, 1968 (July 09 1968)BirthLars Gyllenhaal, Swedish author
July 9th, 1967 (July 09 1967)BirthGunnar Axen, Swedish politician
July 9th, 1966 (July 09 1966)BirthPamela Adlon, American voice actress
July 9th, 1965 (July 09 1965)BirthFrank Bello, American musician (Anthrax)
July 9th, 1965 (July 09 1965)BirthDavid O Hara, Irish-Scottish actor
July 9th, 1965 (July 09 1965)BirthJason Rhoades, American installation artist (died in 2006)
July 9th, 1964 (July 09 1964)BirthCourtney Love, American musicianCourtney Love Quotes
July 9th, 1964 (July 09 1964)BirthGianluca Vialli, Italian football player
July 9th, 1960 (July 09 1960)BirthMarc Mero, American professional wrestler
July 9th, 1959 (July 09 1959)BirthJim Kerr, Scottish singer (Simple Minds)
July 9th, 1959 (July 09 1959)BirthKevin Nash, American professional wrestler
July 9th, 1959 (July 09 1959)BirthClive Stafford Smith, British human-rights lawyer
July 9th, 1957 (July 09 1957)BirthKelly McGillis, American actressEric Gill Quotes
July 9th, 1957 (July 09 1957)BirthTim Kring, American writer and producer
July 9th, 1957 (July 09 1957)BirthPaul Merton, British comedian
July 9th, 1956 (July 09 1956)BirthMarc Almond, British singer
July 9th, 1956 (July 09 1956)BirthTom Hanks, American actor
July 9th, 1955 (July 09 1955)BirthFred Norris, American radio personality
July 9th, 1955 (July 09 1955)BirthJimmy Smits, American actor
July 9th, 1955 (July 09 1955)BirthWillie Wilson, American baseball player
July 9th, 1955 (July 09 1955)BirthSteve Coppell, English football player and manager
July 9th, 1953 (July 09 1953)BirthThomas Ligotti, American author
July 9th, 1953 (July 09 1953)BirthMargie Gillis, Canadian dancer and choreographer
July 9th, 1952 (July 09 1952)BirthJohn Tesh, American composer
July 9th, 1951 (July 09 1951)BirthChris Cooper, American actor
July 9th, 1950 (July 09 1950)BirthViktor Yanukovych, Prime Minister of Ukraine
July 9th, 1948 (July 09 1948)BirthHassan Wirajuda, Indonesian current foreign minister
July 9th, 1947 (July 09 1947)BirthHaruomi Hosono, Japanese musician
July 9th, 1947 (July 09 1947)BirthMitch Mitchell, English drummer (Jimi Hendrix Experience)Jimi Hendrix Quotes
July 9th, 1947 (July 09 1947)BirthO.J. Simpson, American football player and actor
July 9th, 1946 (July 09 1946)BirthNatasha Pyne, English actress
July 9th, 1946 (July 09 1946)BirthBon Scott, Australian singer (AC/DC) (died in 1980)
July 9th, 1945 (July 09 1945)BirthDean R. Koontz, American authorDean R. Koontz Quotes
July 9th, 1945 (July 09 1945)BirthRoot Boy Slim, American entertainer (died in 1993)
July 9th, 1943 (July 09 1943)BirthJohn Casper, astronaut
July 9th, 1942 (July 09 1942)BirthRichard Roundtree, American actor
July 9th, 1942 (July 09 1942)BirthEdy Williams, American actress
July 9th, 1938 (July 09 1938)BirthBrian Dennehy, American actor
July 9th, 1937 (July 09 1937)BirthDavid Hockney, English artistDavid Hockney Quotes
July 9th, 1936 (July 09 1936)BirthFloyd Abrams, First Amendment attorney and advocate
July 9th, 1936 (July 09 1936)BirthJune Jordan, American poet, writer and teacher (died in 2002)
July 9th, 1936 (July 09 1936)BirthAndre Pronovost, French Canadian ice hockey player
July 9th, 1935 (July 09 1935)BirthWim Duisenberg, Dutch economist and politician (died in 2005)
July 9th, 1935 (July 09 1935)BirthMichael Williams, English actor (died in 2001)
July 9th, 1932 (July 09 1932)BirthDonald Rumsfeld, 13th & 21st United States Secretary of DefenseDonald Rumsfeld Quotes
July 9th, 1930 (July 09 1930)BirthBuddy Bregman, American musical arranger and conductor
July 9th, 1930 (July 09 1930)BirthRoy McLean, South African cricketer (died in 2007)
July 9th, 1929 (July 09 1929)BirthKing Hassan II of Morocco, (died in 1999)
July 9th, 1929 (July 09 1929)BirthLee Hazlewood, American country singer, songwriter and producer (died in 2007)
July 9th, 1929 (July 09 1929)BirthJesse McReynolds, American singer and mandolinist
July 9th, 1928 (July 09 1928)BirthFederico Bahamontes, Spanish cyclist
July 9th, 1928 (July 09 1928)BirthVince Edwards, American actor, director and singer (died in 1996)
July 9th, 1927 (July 09 1927)BirthEd Ames, American singer and actor
July 9th, 1927 (July 09 1927)BirthSusan Cabot, American actress (died in 1986)
July 9th, 1927 (July 09 1927)BirthRed Kelly, Canadian ice hockey player
July 9th, 1926 (July 09 1926)BirthBen Roy Mottelson, American-born physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
July 9th, 1925 (July 09 1925)BirthGuru Dutt, legendary Bollywood director, producer and actor
July 9th, 1918 (July 09 1918)BirthJarl Wahlstrom, the 12th General of The Salvation Army (died in 1999)
July 9th, 1916 (July 09 1916)BirthSir Dean Goffin, New Zealand composer (died in 1984)
July 9th, 1916 (July 09 1916)BirthEdward Heath, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 2005)
July 9th, 1915 (July 09 1915)BirthDavid Diamond, American composer (died in 2005)
July 9th, 1911 (July 09 1911)BirthMervyn Peake, British writer and illustrator (died in 1968)Mervyn Peake Quotes
July 9th, 1911 (July 09 1911)BirthJohn A. Wheeler, American physicist (died in 2008)
July 9th, 1908 (July 09 1908)BirthAllama Rasheed Turabi, Pakistani scholar, orator and philosopher (died in 1973) Philo Quotes
July 9th, 1905 (July 09 1905)BirthClarence Campbell, Canadian hockey executive (died in 1984)
July 9th, 1901 (July 09 1901)BirthDame Barbara Cartland, English novelist (died in 2000)
July 9th, 1894 (July 09 1894)BirthPyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa, Russian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1984)
July 9th, 1893 (July 09 1893)BirthGeorge Geary, English cricketer (died in 1981)
July 9th, 1889 (July 09 1889)BirthLeo Dandurand, American-born Canadian hockey executive (died in 1964)
July 9th, 1879 (July 09 1879)BirthOttorino Respighi, Italian composer (died in 1936)
July 9th, 1879 (July 09 1879)BirthCarlos Chagas, Brazilian physician (died in 1934)
July 9th, 1858 (July 09 1858)BirthFranz Boas, German anthropologist (died in 1942)Franz Boas Quotes
July 9th, 1848 (July 09 1848)BirthRobert I, Duke of Parma, last ruling Duke of Parma (died in 1907)
July 9th, 1836 (July 09 1836)BirthHenry Campbell-Bannerman, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1908)
July 9th, 1836 (July 09 1836)BirthCamille de Renesse, Belgian count (died in 1904)
July 9th, 1828 (July 09 1828)BirthLuigi Oreglia di Santo Stefano, Italian Catholic churchman (died in 1913)
July 9th, 1819 (July 09 1819)BirthElias Howe, American inventor (died in 1867)
July 9th, 1808 (July 09 1808)BirthAlexander William Doniphan, American lawyer and soldier (died in 1887)William Alexander Quotes
July 9th, 1800 (July 09 1800)BirthFriedrich Gustav Jakob Henle, German physician (died in 1885)
July 9th, 1786 (July 09 1786)BirthSophie Helene Beatrix, Princess of France (died in 1787)
July 9th, 1775 (July 09 1775)BirthMatthew Lewis, English novelist (died in 1818)
July 9th, 1764 (July 09 1764)BirthAnn Radcliffe, English writer (died in 1823)Ann Radcliffe Quotes
July 9th, 1753 (July 09 1753)BirthWilliam Waldegrave, 1st Baron Radstock, Governor of Newfoundland (died in 1825)
July 9th, 1721 (July 09 1721)BirthJohann Nikolaus Gotz, German poet (died in 1781)
July 9th, 1689 (July 09 1689)BirthAlexis Piron, French writer (died in 1773)
July 9th, 1686 (July 09 1686)BirthPhilip Livingston, American politician (died in 1749)
July 9th, 1654 (July 09 1654)BirthEmperor Reigen of Japan (died in 1732)
July 9th, 1578 (July 09 1578)BirthFerdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1637)
July 9th, 1577 (July 09 1577)BirthThomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, English Jamestown colonist (died in 1618)
July 9th, 1511 (July 09 1511)BirthDorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg, queen of Denmark and Norway (died in 1571)

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